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So now since it is summer, I figured I'd better get a post out on our "Summer Bucket List". It is actually kind of gratifying to get it out so late because that means I get to cross a few things off that have already been completed! And that just feels cool! I want to just say a word about the idea of a bucket list. A very inspirational co-worker turned me on to the idea of making a life bucket list for myself. She is pretty young — a mere 30 — and she made hers years ago. She has gone bungee jumping, she has jumped out of an airplane, she has traveled around the world, she gone on kayaking & rock-climbing adventures, she is in a dance tribe, she has been a "Rodeo Queen", and she has run a marathon. She is continuing to add to and check off things on her list as she goes through her life. These are all ideas that were born out of her head and that she wrote down and pursued them with dedication and passion. Her life already sounds so incredibly rich with experiences and I am inspired by her. What wonderful memories she has created for herself.
As a result of hearing my friend's stories, I, for months, have been compiling my own personal bucket list. It was about a month ago however, I discovered that some of my fellow bloggers had put together Summer Bucket Lists of their own for their family, and I thought HOW PERFECT! Of course I would have to compile my own specifically geared toward my little family for the summer.
When creating the list I was particularly inspired by a guest post that Danielle from 52 Brand New wrote for Imagination Soup...... where she emphasized how important it is to expose your children to lots and lots of varied experiences in life. It fosters their growth, and evolution as individuals. Here is her wonderful article  here.

Here goes the Summer Bucket List for my son and me:

  1. Help my son plant his very own garden
  2. Plant a butterfly garden
  3. Raise butterflies from caterpillars
  4. Go swimming in a natural setting
  5. Sleep in a tent in the backyard
  6. Help my son set up a lemonade stand
  7. Make mango ice cream
  8. Make Fourth of July popsicles (the Magic Onions)
  9. Go on a picnic
  10. Visit the beach
  11. See Fireworks
  12. Take my son fishing for the 1st time
  13. Bike on the bike path many times!
  14. Start a Plant I.D. book
  15. Pick a bouquet of flowers and give it to someone
  16. Gather river rocks and make pet rocks
  17. Go for an extended camping trip
  18. Start potato plants from cutting the eyes off and planting them
  19. Root a avocado pit and plant
  20. Make a cherry pie from harvest of cherry tree
  21. Go stargazing
  22. Read the Flat Stanley Series with my son
  23. Make a tee shirt using freezer paper templates
  24. Make a shell mobile
  25. Paint seashells
  26. Make a sundial
  27. Visit waterfalls
  28. See a movie in the park
  29. Go to the County Fair
  30. See an outdoor concert
  31. Go strawberry picking
  32. Make strawberry jam
  33. Go blueberry picking
  34. Make blueberry pancakes
  35. Grill up shish kebabs
  36. Make caprese with fresh tomatoes from the garden
  37. Dance at the local Farmer's market's dance stage
  38. Make a picture using vegetable stamps
  39. Go to a baseball game
  40. Make a stepping stone
  41. Make solar prints
  42. Make a sand casting
  43. Go to an outdoor summer concert 
  44. Build an Ice Sculpture 
  45. Submit son's artwork to Mayor's Art show 
  46. Make an ocean in a bottle 
  47. Let my son take a bath with glow sticks!
You should check out the bucket lists too put out by other bloggers. Creative Family Fun, 52 Brand New, Iowa's Farmer's Wife, Quirky Mama, Digital Reflections. Famiglia&Seoul,& Creekside Learning.  If you have a list of your own or an idea that you would share, please be sure to add it to the comments!

I will be happy if we are able to cross off 75% of this list. I am sure as the days go on, I will think up more ideas, and add to it. I'm going put this on its own page on my blog for my own reference. I hope you were able to find inspiration also.

Thanks for coming by and checking this out. Remember to "like" me on my Facebook Page if you want to stay informed of more kid craft ideas I post or find around the blogosphere! Have a wonderful day!
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  1. Hi Carolyn - great list! I'm with you - I always hope we finish part of the list (there's always those spur of the moment things that come up that get added along the way :) Here's our Summer Fun List post (we're hooked up with another linky of bucket lists):

    Are you going to do a traveling Stanley when you read the books? It's a paper doll of Stanley and you take him with you & take photos of where he travels. Fun for kids at the end of the summer to see where 'Stanley' went :)

    Enjoy you summer!

  2. Wow - what a list! If you get even most of it done, you'll have a great summer.

  3. you've got some really great ideas on here. might have to add some of them to my to-do list! thanks again for linking up!

  4. What a great bucket list! Thanks for sharing at The Sunday Showcase!

  5. Wow! What a list!!! Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!



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