Halloween is in the Air!

OK, so I'm not really keen on the fact that Halloween items showed up in local stores in the middle of August. I was pretty much shocked! Is it me? Or have they (the marketers, that is) really jump-started the holidays in a major way in the last couple years? Maybe, it really is me, or maybe I just pay attention to these things a little more closer now that I have a little kid. Anything to make a buck, right? BUT, on a more cheerful note, I really don't mind the early anticipation when it comes to craft activities, especially, that is, when it comes to Halloween. Decorating the house with spooky props is something that I still remember doing and loving when I was a child. Things haven't changed for me much in all these years, except, that is, for the fact that now I have a son as an excuse to get down and crafty with! So in honor of the race to be the first one to decorate my house this season in all its spooky horrific gore, my son and I got crafting!

We did this really sweet "bat" craft I found on Family Fun's website last year that I was smart enough to bookmark. It is a really simple craft and ends up being a pretty fun interactive craft to have hanging around the house at Halloween time. Pulling on a string that hangs from the bat's wings make them flap; it is really cool. This is the link to the instructions. Enjoy!

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The Start of Something New

Today is the first day of Autumn; it is also the day that I decided to start the blog that I've been dreaming up for months. I feel so lucky to be a mom to such a energetic, curious, happy little boy, and this blog will serve as a vehicle of documenting the adventures that we have together.

Life is something I realize that you really need to pay attention to, and give it your full respect, or it will pass you by in the blink of an eye. There is just so much I want to do and to share with my son. I hope I am able to pass on to him the things in life that I think are important...and that really comes down to teaching him how to live his life so that his spirit will prosper.

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