"Love makes the world go 'round" Hanging Mobile

As a salute to the highest state of being there is in life, may I present to you the Love Mobile...

This idea came to me a couple of weeks ago and it was too perfect and fitting for the Valentine Holiday not to follow through on. I made the Earth early last year out of paper mache' and it has been floating around the house ever since waiting for me to do something more with it.

Turns out I'm so glad that I never got around to it until now.

I 'm refraining from posting a tutorial on how to make this as my construction was haphazard at best (the slippery fishing line I used and my rudimentary knot-tying ability worries me, for one). But here is a list of the materials I used.

  • embroidery hoop
  • fishing line
  • beads
  • paper
  • electrical tape
  • tacky glue
  • Glitter hearts (I bought 2 packs of 12 at Michael's for 1.99 each)
  • paper mache' Earth
Proceed at your own risk if you must!

May you all open your hearts to giving and receiving love on this Valentine's Day Holiday. Have a good one!
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  2. That's a very sweet mobile!
    Visiting from Blogaholic's February Hop!

  3. This mobile is very pretty, I love it!

  4. That is amazing! Very beautiful!

  5. I love this! I look forward to seeing you at My Dream Canvas!

  6. Totally love this idea.. How fabulous.. it does.. it does.. make the world go round.. :) Thank you for linking into Made with love..

  7. Love this ! Very innovative ....great message and a great way to implement it :))


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