Fat Tuesday! Mardi Gras Masks!

I LOVE MARDI GRAS! OK, well, to be more accurate about it I guess I should say that I am 99% sure that I would love it.  Truth is, I can't really say for sure, because I've never been, but it sure does seem like a blast!
So, in celebration from afar, we made MARDI GRAS masks yesterday! It was a real hit with my son. I found the inspiration for this at 4 Crazy King's Mardi Gras blog post.

Materials needed:
  • stiff paper (I used manila folder paper)
  • tissue paper, cut in 1-2 inch squares
  • pen (for tracing kids' hands)
  • scissors
  • liquid starch
  • paint brush
  • Elmer's glue
  • adornments (sequins, feathers, plastic "jewels' etc.)
  • string, elastic, a stick etc. — something to attach to the mask so it stays on child's face, or so they can hold it)

Step One: Trace child's left and right hand in placement shown on stiff paper.

Step Two: FLIP PAPER OVER so the tracing of the handprints is facedown! Have child apply a coat of liquid starch over surface of paper with a paint brush. Have them cover the surface with tissue paper squares encouraging them to overlap them. Have them put another coat of liquid starch on top of tissue paper to flatten surface.

Step three: Let dry. Cut out hand shape using tracing on backside as guide. Hold mask up to child's face to approximate where eye placement should be. Cut out holes.

Step four: Have child dab Elmer's glue all over mask and adorn with feathers, sequins, jewels, etc.

Attach elastic or string with a stapler so it will stay on child's head. Or if you prefer, use a stick so they can hold like a masquerade mask.

Happy FAT TUESDAY! Have fun!
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  1. Thanks do much for the link! The mask looks great. I like the use of liquid starch. Much easier I bet. :)


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