Easy Pop-up Valentine's Day card: Kid's Craft

This is a very easy card to make, and the pop-up feature makes the card that much more special. Children of all ages will enjoy constructing this precious Valentine.

Inside Card- Three-quarters view

 Materials needed: 
  • construction paper
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • doilies (optional)
  • stickers, markers, glitter etc. 

  1. Fold one sheet of construction paper in half. 
  2. On another piece of paper cut a thin strip 4 inches in length. Fold this paper in half. Fold up little tabs on each end. 
  3. Attach strip of paper to card by gluing tabs to each half of card.
  4. Cut out and decorate a paper heart.
  5. Glue heart onto paper strip.
  6. Voila! Done! Have child decorate the rest of card with stickers, glitter, markers, stamps or whatever! Have fun!
Front cover of card

Inside card - front view

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