Adventures in Shaving Cream

OR "A Photo-documentary of a boy and a can of shaving cream gone wild".

Need I say more?

Contemplating about the best way to "dive in"

"Oh yeah!"

I added blue, yellow and red watercolor to keep it interesting (not that it was necessary!)

Feeling the squishiness in his hands

"Thank you Mommy for letting me do this!"

Lathering up!

"Yummy, if only it was whipped cream and I could eat it!

Oh man! He's past the point of no return. If this picture had audio, you would hear me yelling "Start the bath water!"

Um, it's not shampoo honey!

Making his best monster face!

Very soon after this last picture, I carried him — holding his body as far out in front of me as possible — to the bath tub and plunked him down into the warm water. A messy, messy, messy activity, but SOOOOOOO well worth it!
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  1. oh - what fun - I really need to get brave and try this one with my kids!


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