Laminated bookmark gift for "Grandpa"

My father's birthday is in a few days. Of all the people close to me that I have ever known, I have to say my father is the most challenging of all to shop for. He has everything (materially), or so it seems, that he could ever want. Only until I had a baby — his grandchild — did I feel that I hit the nail on the head in my gift-giving. He just loves his grandson so much, that anything I come up with involving him will make my dad pretty happy on his big day. This year I was lucky to stumble upon a pretty cool craft idea from Pink and Green Mama's blog which features making bookmarks of your child "just hanging around". Since my dad is one of the most avid readers I think I have ever known, this present couldn't be more ideal. I went out and purchased a Scotch Thermal Laminator for home use for only $27 and it worked perfectly! Here is what I came up with
I had lots of fun and they were so easy to make. I kept one for myself, of course, which hopefully means I don't ever have to use such lame placeholders again such as a pen, another book, a hair clip, or my pair of reading glasses — which always, by the way, ends up in me losing my place anyway. Now all I need to do is to find that rare gem of a book that my dad hasn't read yet and pop the bookmark in and voila, gift completed! Wish me luck on that last part!

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  1. Adorable and so glad you like your new laminator too!
    Thanks for the link back and comment.

    I bet your dad will LOVE his gift this year!! : )

    Pink and Green Mama

    1. Thanks MaryLea! I just love your blog sooo much! I have found many projects there that my son and I have done! Good work!

  2. Oh my gosh Lina!! How adorable is that??? What a great idea for anytime of the year and for ANYBODY! I will have to start snapping some pics of my grandkids 'hanging around'! :D **Julie**

    1. Thanks Julie! I am just learning this whole blogging thing! So sorry I have taken so long to comment! i hope you are well! I'm glad we are still somewhat in touch via Facebook. They grow up fast and I will always remember you and Carrie fondly as Bode's first awesome teachers! Love seeing your posts about your life!


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