Halloween-come and gone!

Wow, I can't believe that it has been since October 3 since I last posted. I guess I haven't gotten into the flow of blogging, but I'm not giving up yet!!! We had a really fun busy October, with many crafts, visits to the pumpkin patch, parties, and a mushroom festival...Oh, and of course Trick or Treating. This year Bode wanted to be a rocketship. I searched the internet for premade rocket costumes, and surprisingly could only find little Einstein's rocket costume, NOT what I was looking for. So I tried my hand at crafting a costume out of fabric I found at Joannes. I have to say, I was pretty impressed with the result.

Here is my little rocket ship son! I remembered that I had a silver plastic egg (that nylons used to come in) stored in my art studio, and one of the halves came in handy for the tip of the rocket.

With Bode being a rocket ship, I of course had to be the moon, so I made myself to match the rocket, with lights (battery-powered) strewn through the front so it could light up (which of course you can't see in the picture).

After constructing the costumes, I talked to my friend about what she and her family were being and she said they were doing the space theme too...how coincidental...except she was the sun and the rest of her family ended up being aliens!
Here we are Sun and Moon:

This year was the first time that I ever took Bode Trick or Treating and HE LOVED IT!!!
(no surprise really). But I think he not only enjoyed getting the candy, he also enjoyed feeling brave and walking up to the doors and knocking. He insisted I waited at the sidewalk!!! I thought that was pretty cool.
I had to laugh at one of the houses that we went to...this particular house had a woman in her 70's answer, and she was a very kind and sweet person, but what made me laugh was that Judas Priest was being blasted from her stereo...no joke!!! Gotta love this town!
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