Treasure Hunt and Suncatcher Craft: Part two

Making our icy suncatchers (Please see here for Part one)

Assessing our treasure
Assembling suncatcher
All ready to go into the freezer!
So when we got home we sorted through and arranged the objects in pie tins.  When adding water, most of the things floated to the surface so we realized that putting any time in the arrangement of the objects was kind of futile. Bode had the good idea of adding food coloring. I added a little bit to my suncatcher, and, Bode, well, let's just say I turned around for a moment and when I turned back all the food coloring bottles were empty. LOL. Oh well, It gave me the opportunity to talk about the words "tranlucency" and "opacity". I placed a looped piece of twine that tied at one end and submerged it halfway in the water. I then put the pie tins in the freezer overnight. My pie tin ended up leaking so I transferred it to a baking dish. We also ended up making a mini one with leftover materials.

The end product! Very nice I think!
The next morning we hung them up and I was really pleased. The term suncatcher is really appropriate as the ice intensified the brightness of the light shining through them (well, on mine and the little one). Bode's was densely colored, but still it was beautiful in it's own right. We had fun. And I am happy to say after 3 days, 2 still remain hanging!

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