Apple Prints

I had been meaning to make apple prints with Bode ever since apples started falling mid-summer from our backyard tree. Well, the last of the apples finally fell last week, and so I knew the time had come that we needed to get this project done!

One of my favorite memories I have when I was a kid was making potato prints, and I remember doing them on white polyester fabric that had a thicker spongy quality. For this project too,
I thought printing on fabric would make the end result a little more special than paper that one would typically think to use. Also the paint absorbs into the fabric to some degree making it less likely to smear and a neater choice overall. I had muslin lying around the house, so I mounted the fabric on foam core board, pulling it taut, and duck-taping it to the back of the board.

The materials we used were:
  • apples sliced in half horizontally and vertically
  • trays (the ones found in frozen food meals work great)
  • folded paper towels to line the trays
  • paint in the colors of apples (Green, Yellow, and Red)
  • fabric-covered foam core
  • Corn-cob holders (*these were great for picking up the apples, otherwise it gets messy quickly!)

Bode had fun dipping the apples and pressing them down on the fabric. At first I directed him to keep each apple into only one color paint and not mix them, but by the end I encouraged him to experiment, and the last print turned out to be my favorite with all the colors mixed.

Apple Print Number #1

Apple Print #2

Apple Print #3: My fave...

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